We provide complex solutions that assure software quality and drive continuous improvement.
Development of web resources and mobile applications on a "turnkey"
Work with us
With us is profitable and productive
We specialize in software development for various business areas. We have experience in building both complex integrated systems to meet the business needs of our clients around the world, and innovative marketing tools.

Our specialization is the creation of mobile applications for Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod) and other platforms, the creation of websites, server solutions, cloud technologies
Guarantee for all works
Transparency, Monitoring
of development stages throughout
the project
Maintenance of all financial and
technical documentation by our specialists
Development according to Scrum, Agile methodology. We strive for a perfectly structured process of interaction with the team
A large number of technologies allows us to have a flexible pricing system and find a unique offer for everyone
Who is interested to work with us
Embodying their ideas by introducing the latest IT services
Young startups
Who need to subcontract non-core projects
Digital agencies
Who needs to increase sales, increase audience loyalty, increase the number of regular customers
Small and medium business
Who need to implement production automation systems or technically sophisticated marketing tools
Large corporations
Wage rates:
Junior engineers: starts at 17$ per hour
Middle engineers: starts at 28$ per hour
Senior engineers: starts at 35$ per hour

Our managment team

  • Deplov Sergey Sergeevich
  • Shvets Tatyana Pavlovna
    HR Manager 
  • Petrosyan Elvira Ambartsumovna
    Director's assistant
  • Charkin Sergey Anatolievich
    Director of Resources 
  • Odaryuk Ekaterina Sergeevna
  • Novikov Alexander Olegovich
    Team Leader
  • Sokolsky Anatoly Vitalievich
  • Ovchinnikov Artem Alexandrovich
    Project manager
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